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Wednesday, July 28; 8:30 AM -- 9:20 AM

The Hidden Gold in Your Donor File - Lapsed Donors

Becky Odum, Vice President, Strategic Services, Barton Cotton
Krista Humphrey, Marketing Manager, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

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Target audience: Intermediate (5-9 years)

In these tough economic times, every organization is trying to figure out how to cut costs to maintain net revenue today without sacrificing revenue in the long term.  This session will explore why reactivating lapsed donors could be the most important strategy you employ as we continue to weather the economic downturn.  We’ll talk through the long term value of lapsed donors compared to newly acquired donors and provide guidelines for how to determine the right lapsed audience.  We’ll explore the concept of  “Relative Lapsed Donors” and how to identify them in your file.  Then, we’ll discuss strategies for getting them back.  From modeling to ask strategies to messaging to package strategies, we’ll give you techniques to go for the gold!


  • How to identify hidden donors who are about to lapse
  • Proven techniques to reactivate donors
  • How to find a balance between lapsed reactivation and new donor acquisition

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