Although winter will be with us for a little longer, signs of summer are already popping with the recent announcement of the twelve resource-rich tracks for the upcoming Bridge to Integrated Fundraising and Marketing Conference. At this summer conference, marketers and fundraisers will learn about emerging trends in their fields and develop new ideas on the best mix of art and science in fundraising and marketing for their own organizations.

Track One, Direct Response Innovation: Mail, Telemarketing & DRTV Creative, introduces expert speakers focusing on the most successful and innovative ways to use direct marketing for fundraising and donor development campaigns.

Track Two, Building Digital Marketing Programs that Work, is designed for membership, fundraising, advocacy and sales professionals who are seeking to boost response of online, social media, mobile and integrated campaigns.

Because digital is so important for organizations today, we have an additional track,
Track Three: More Digital, explores new trends in online acquisition strategies with email and more.

Data lovers will appreciate Track Four, Using Analytics to Power Your Fundraising Program, which will provide innovative ways to target donors and potential donors with micro-targeting, demographic data, list modeling, data analytics and more.

Left-brain thinkers will learn some new creative strategies for working with donors in Track Five, Left-Brain Thinking: Creative Thinking and Technologies.

Right-brain thinkers will get a creative boost in Track Six, Right-Brain Thinking: Storytelling and Branding That Fuel Fundraising where participants will learn new ways to get donors’ attention and capture their hearts and minds to motivate them to give.

Track Seven, Big Ideas for Small Nonprofits, will address the challenges that come with working in small organizations and will reveal some new tactics and trends for keeping prospects, volunteers, stakeholders and other audiences engaged in a big way.

With a focus on major gifts, Track Eight, Keeping Your Feet on the Shifting Landscape of Major Gifts Programs, investigates new approaches for developing effective relationships with these essential donors.

Track Nine, Best Practices in Acquiring New Donors, is for anyone hoping to re-charge a donor acquisition program and will provide new insights on direct mail and online approaches.

Track Ten, Building Your Monthly Giving Program, offers new insights on how to grow and cultivate this important donor group.

Track Eleven, The Unusual Mindset: Tough Creative, Donor Advised Funds, Transformational Leadership, takes a close look at how leading nonprofits have forged new ways of tackling vexing challenges by letting go of traditional assumptions.

Track Twelve, Positioning Your Organization for Fundraising Success, reveals new ways that organizations can eliminate silos and create a culture of philanthropy.

This is a lot to choose from, and we welcome mixing it up with a few different tracks. We are planting the seed early. Join us!