We’re finally up for air after the year-end fundraising rush. And while we’re all digging through our numbers and benchmarks from last year, it’s never too soon to start looking ahead. Because guess what? Registration for the Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference is now open!

Indeed, it’s almost that time of year again. And while I loved attending last summer, three things stood out to me about this year’s Bridge Conference:

The theme
Change the World with Ideas and Ideals is the focus this year — because what we do matters more now than ever. We’re on the cusp of a new decade, and a new election cycle, with many questions about the future swirling through our minds. I’m looking forward to coming back with ideas and ideals to transform into action to make a bigger difference for our craft, our donors, and our world.

The future-focused tracks
This year’s tracks will teach us how to ignite lasting change in the causes we’re passionate about. How? Just take a look at a few of the tracks on the agenda:
Innovation — Covering the up-and-coming tools, technologies, and tactics for us to reach our goals and knock it out of the park.
2020 — Next year’s election has already taken off. Are you ready for the biggest message maelstrom of the year?
Acquisition — It’s harder than ever, but happening every minute. Learn everything you need to know to gain new support and add more members to your community.

The earlier date
We’re coming together with 2,500 of our closest friends in the industry even sooner this year!
The 2019 Bridge Conference will be held July 10-12. And even better, we can save 25% off of our registration fee when we sign up before March 22.

I can’t wait to join the brightest fundraisers, direct marketers, communicators, and all-around changemakers this year. Will you be there?

Rachel Ward, Vice President
Blue State Digital