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Track Descriptions


Thursday and Friday

Track 1: Next Generation Direct Mail – TAKE ACTION
New strategies, new tactics, new technologies and the best ways to integrate with other channels. Break down your old assumptions about this workhorse channel that still brings in the clear majority of your mass market fundraising revenue.

Track 2: Building Digital Marketing Programs with BIG Impact
Hear about new digital strategies, tactics, technologies and trends that you can’t afford to miss.

Track 3: Using Your BOLD Data Insights
Using data to make better decisions. From better reporting, performance metrics and benchmarking to adeptly managing predictive models, CRM integrations and more.

Track 4: Donor Stewardship – It’s a BIG Family Affair!
Find out why stewarding your donors mean much more than retention and why creating a family of donors around your mission is the key to long-term success.

Track 5: Making the Most of Your Major Gifts & Planned Giving Programs – TAKE ACTION
How do you balance these essential ingredients to your fundraising portfolio? How to uncover the true capacity and wishes of your donors? What kinds of analysis are truly effective? Get the answers to these critical questions and more.

Track 6: Building a BIG Culture of Philanthropy
Whether you are a CDO, a CEO or a Digital guru, fundraising has to been seen as more than just revenue generation. To be truly successful and build long-term capacity, your entire organization needs to be designed to support your work. These sessions will take a close look at one of our most difficult tasks from a variety of viewpoints.


Track 7: “Who are my People?” Finding and Building Your BOLD Constituency Base
Discover why your mission resonates. From diversity and inclusion to Millennials and Baby Boomers, these sessions will reveal current trends and tactics in finding, and keeping prospects, volunteers, stakeholders and other audiences who care about what you do – but might not know it yet!

Track 8: TAKE ACTION – We Need to Know What We Don’t Know!
Exploring Creative Thinking Form Outside the Non-Profit Sector. These fun and engaging sessions will look at fundraising through eyes of the for-profit world.

Track 9: More BOLD Digital Breakthroughs
Online Acquisition Strategies, What’s New in Digital Media, Optimizing Email and More!

Track 10: Building Your Monthly Giving Program into a BIG Winner
Sustaining donors keep you going. They allow you to continue to build your programs and services. Find out how to meet the needs of this critical group.

Track 11: We are all Storytellers – TAKE ACTION!
How you talk about your mission and vision goes beyond branding. These sessions will explore, in a fun and inviting way, how we can use language, ideas and imagery to build a richer conception of what we do and why we do it.

Track 12: Do More BIG & BOLD with P2P and Your Fundraising Events
Peer-to-Peer and fundraising events can be hard to build, difficult to manage, and don’t always pay off the way we expect them to. Learn how to break down old assumptions, maximize your net revenue and build a stronger constituent base.


Track 7: Understanding What Motivates the BIG Corporate Decision-Maker
Corporate giving is driven by both marketing and philanthropy. Understanding your corporate partners’ needs is essential to unlocking their true potential. Find out how to think like a corporate giving officer in these enlightening sessions.

Track 8: Can We Become Mind Readers? Investigating the BOLD Science Behind Philanthropy
Exciting new work in the field of neuroscience is providing critical insights into how our donors think, and what really drives their philanthropic decisions. These sessions will take a look into the minds of your donors and help you re-think your donor relationships.

Track 9: Building Your TAKE ACTION Board
You either ask too much of your Board or you don’t ask enough. Most Board members want to be more involved but don’t know how. Learn how to make your Board your most effective partner in the donor engagement dance.

Track 10: Get the Most from Your BIG Mid- Level Giving Program
We often take mid-level donors for granted. We assume they care about our mission, and they do. But building a stronger pipeline to mid-level giving, and turning mid-level givers in to major donors are two of the most difficult tasks that development officers face. Find out how successful fundraisers make most of this critical revenue stream and forge stronger donor relationships.

Track 11: Powerhouse Branding – TAKE ACTION – Break Through the Clutter to Build Philanthropy
Find out how to make your brand carry your message and support your mission. Your brand is a unique asset. But making it work as a powerful cultivation and engagement tool can be tricky. In these sessions, you’ll find out how to make the most of your brand and its promise, as well as how to stand out in a crowded and competitive donor market place from major gift fundraising to direct marketing and beyond.

Track 12: Out of the Box: BOLD, Exceptional Approaches to Special Situations
No two campaigns are alike. But sometimes a fresh, unique approach is the only thing that will do. Find out how these unusual and effective campaign concepts broke the mold to build winning fundraising programs.


Participants in the 12th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference may receive 12 points for the conference and 6 additional points for a pre-conference workshop. Total approved hours per day are: